TV/Radio Commercials

Choosing the right voice-over artist to promote your product or service is essential. They must be able to convey the tone of your brand and deliver content that is believable, professional and credible. They should also be open to suggestions and able to take direction.

My years of experience on stage and screen, as well as audio drama, mean I can offer a voice that is clear and sincere. I have an excellent ear for a range of accents, including Liverpudlian, Welsh, Yorkshire and American, and the ability to ‘inhabit’ many different characters.

“I met Sarah-Jane for the first time in May 2017 when she attended an animation VO workshop I was teaching. She’s one smart cookie and is so solid and down-to-earth, I warmed to her immediately. She is naturally gifted with great acting chops, rock-solid comic timing and the most incredible villainous laugh I’ve ever heard!”

Dian Perry – US Voice Actor/Teacher and Voiceover Coach


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