Audiobook Narration

Audiobooks are soaring in popularity, often being launched at the same time as the print version. The voice chosen to narrate an audiobook can make or break the listening experience so getting it right is a huge responsibility. Offering extensive experience in fiction and non-fiction narration, my range of accents and voice qualities can help connect the audience to the material, broadening its appeal and engaging the listener. I work closely with authors to capture the right voice and tone, taking care to consult authors’ notes and directorial suggestions.

Voice Overs for Audiobook Narration

“I first worked with Sarah-Jane in late 2017, when she narrated my book Make Money On Airbnb. I was so impressed by Sarah-Jane’s recording that we went on to work on three more books together. Sarah-Jane is a true professional. She captured my voice perfectly, imparting the exact mix of warmth and confidence I was looking for. Thank you, Sarah-Jane, for bringing my books to life and helping me reach 1000s of new listeners!”

Sally Miller – Author


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